University Survival Kit

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The Exclusive Student Survival Kit from UniSOS. Price includes delivery.

Get your hands on the best care package a Fresher could ask for.

Contains over £100 of great value items to help you through a gruelling first few weeks of studying, socialising and partying.

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Going to Uni is stressful enough and for some people the most stressful time of their lives and us being students ourselves, we know how easy it is to completely overlook some of the essential items needed to make it through these next few years.

To try and make the whole stressful process a little less crazy, we gathered a team of students from around the country and combined countless hours of research with personal experience to compile an ultimate box of University essentials, which we call UniSOS – the Fresher’s Survival Kit. So, whether you’re a flapping fresher or a petrified parent, rest assured that the UniSOS box contains all the essentials required for you or someone you care for to survive the time ahead.

The box contains a wide variety of essential items to assist with general day-to-day University life such as Sharpie pens, a note pad and a USB memory stick, but also contains the items that we kicked ourselves for forgetting and subsequently not being able to afford! – Ear plugs (for those noisy neighbours disturbing that last-minute study sesh), a power bank – for always being available for that daily call from mum and toastie bags, for that time you’ll only have bread and cheese in the house (AKA – the next few years)

We also realise that students are on a tight budget so we’ve partnered with companies around the country to help provide the most comprehensive University survival box at such a great price, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a damn good deal.

We dedicate UniSOS to you, the student, the parent or the one who cares. You’re the people we made this for, and we’re sure you won’t need any more convincing that this student survival kit is possibly the best idea since the Pot Noodle.

In The Box

Here are some of the great items you’ll find in the UniSOS university survival kit. You’ll find everything you need to make your first few weeks go as smoothly as possible. You’ll also find heaps of extras we haven’t mentioned here – the list would be too long!