The ORIGINAL Uni Survival Kit

Save £100* off High Street RRP when you buy a UniSOS Survival Box – The UK’s BEST Uni Survival Kit, designed just for Freshers and Students.
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Everything You Need to Start University Without a Hitch

Useful Stuff. No Fluff.

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Amazing Value

The UniSOS box is literally bursting with items you won’t individually for cheaper

Work and Play

Packed full of things to help you study and socialise (and feel better in the morning!)

Not Just a Box

An ideal storage container for all those files and folders you’ll accumulate throughout the year

So What’s in the Box?

We’ve packed the UniSOS box FULL of goodies you’ll need during your first few weeks of Uni and throughout your course. Stuff you didn’t even know you needed.

If we tried to list everything we’d be here all day, so here’s a sneak peek at some of the things you’ll get:

…and more!

Don’t need the full box?

Not sure you need all the great stuff our Student Survival Kit contains? Grab yourself the UniSOS: Basics box and make sure your life as a student gets off to a smooth start.

An Ideal Gift

Treat them with a thoughtful care package to help them on their way

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